$50,000 ALL AROUND Ranch Rodeo

Now on its 13th year, the All Around Ranch Rodeo has become a staple of the ranch rodeo circuit. With events ranging from bronc riding, branding, muggin’, sorting, and stray gathering this year’s rodeo is slated to be the best yet.




One Horse. One Rider. Two Events. The cowboy has to pen a steer and load a steer in a trailer by himself. The fastest cowboy to complete both events in a 3 minute time limit is the Iron Man Champion.



The newest addition to the All Around Ranch Rodeo Challenge. The Youth Rodeo is comprised of several events that are geared towards younger competitors.

. The events included are Sorting, Maverick Branding, and Mugging*

- 10 teams (First 10 teams to enter) - 5 boy/girl teams - $1,500 a team - 9 A.M. Friday July 19, 2019

- 15 and under age limit (if you turn 16 years old before the rodeo you are not able to participate, bring birth certificates)

*Mugging will be run out of the chute and not sorted from the herd

The top two teams from all three events Friday morning will come back Saturday night to participate in a head to head match up in the Maverick Branding. Long go placings will be on a point system

Books open Feb, 1 2019. All entry forms must be post marked by Feb.15 2019 to be eligible for wildcard.

*see rules for wild card eligibility